If you would like to sell any Account, Game currency, item, or Cd key.

please send the required information to: info@hazloot.com

Please send any info relevant to your Sale So i can give you the best price!

remember to NOT attach files or your email will be discarded

if you have to attach screenshot using programs share (imgur, photobucket ...)

buy these games:


-         Star Wars The Old Republic Credits EU/US 0,3 USD/ML Sell Credits Swtor Eu/Na

-         World of Warcraft  Accounts and Gold Eu/NA only cheap-only with scan id Sell Eu Accounts - Sell Na Accounts

-         Guild Wars 2  ( NA server 100Gold/1 $USD - EU server 100Gold/1 $USD )

-         The Elder Scrolls online  CLOSED

-         Diablo 3  CLOSED

-         Wildstar  CLOSED

-         Aion  Accounts max 20 USD only Eu Sell Aion Accounts

-         Tera   CLOSED

-         League of Legends  CLOSED

-         Eve  CLOSED

-         Final Fantasy 14  Accounts Cheap and Gils Sell FF14 Gils

-         Rift CLOSED

-         Archeage  GOLD on US and EU and Accounts max 20/30 USD EU/US only level 65 Sell AA Accounts Sell AA Gold

-         Clash of Clans  CLOSED!!! NO BUY !!! NO TRADE !!!!!!!

-         CS:GO Skins and weapons Sell CS:GO Keys,Cases,Skins and Weapons

-         Castle Clash IOS/Android CLOSED

 -        Summoners War IOS/Android Accounts Cheap Sell Summoner Wars Account

-         Blade and Soul  CLOSED

-         Black Desert CLOSED

-         Clash Royale Accounts Ios/Android Cheap  Sell Clash Royale Accounts

-         Heroes of the Storm Accounts Eu/Na Cheap Sell Heroes of the Storm Accounts

-         Warframe Accounts Cheap Sell Warframe Accounts

-         HearthStone CLOSED

-         Pokemon Go Accounts Only level 30+ and no account fresh or botted. 

Rules for sell accounts:

1. You need have account on Epicnpc.com with 40 days history (no new accounts). Verification Epic or Verified and minimum 10 Feedback 100% positive

2. You need have 18 or more Years old

3. You need have Paypal or Skrill accounts Verified

4. Payment 50% or 70% immediate . The rest after 30 or 60 days from delivery accounts. 

5. I NOT Trade Account x Account . Or Sell or Buy. 

6. NOT add me on skype if not have these requirements. thanks 

For the purchase of account. Required a copy of identity document (passport or driving license)

Payments via paypal or skrill. immediate or at 30 or 60 days from the delivery of account.  

Before purchase I will do many checks on the owner and on account.

Remember that I do not buy all accounts. but only the ones I need.

SELL your Accounts/gold/item on Hazloot.com 

push on this link and read news for how sell on Hazloot.com

Sell on Hazloot.com